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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


IELTsians beware:

department store : Beautiful young woman shopping for diary products at a grocery store/supermarket

My wife was on a buying spree. From the mall, I chauffeured her to the always-busy Commercial Street. 
“What is our next destination?” I asked in all politeness though I was irked inside at her shopping mood. I had lost all my 4 hours of reading, watching comedy serials and Face Book.
She looked at me astounded “Don’t you remember even a simple thing? I am telling this 100th time. ‘Go to any Departmental store’ where I would like to purchase some provisions and stationery.”
Driven by this command and to save myself from further salvos for my forgetfulness, I moved the vehicle fast and increased the volume of songs in the car’s stereo.

After a while, I decided that offence is the best form of defense. “I have also told thousand times to you that ‘to say ‘DEPARTMENT STORE” is correct and not ‘DEPARTMENTAL STORE’.” I never miss these unexpected small opportunities to chide her. As usual, she didn't care my words and actually started intently listening to songs. Then, she told “It doesn't matter. After all there are millions who say DEPARTMENTAL STORE.”
“When you go abroad, they may not understand this word-...”
“I won’t go...” is her immediate reply. She opened the door of the car and shut it with a deafening noise. That sound closed my lips from talking further and I followed her gloomily as a person defeated in a fight.

Points to ponder over:
There is no word like ‘DEPARTMENTAL STORE’. (INDIAN usage: OK in India)
We can say ‘departmental library or departmental action; but NOT DEPARTMENTAL STORE’.
‘DEPARTMENT STORE” is correct.
At least, will you listen to me?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

IELTS series-7: What or Which?

IELTS series-7:    WHAT and WHICH?

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” She asked me in the overcrowded mall. We came here to select a cotton shirt for me. Hundreds of shirts just opposite to us inside the shop!
 I knew well that I could not choose any one on my own because she was ready with her choice from among the 20 shirts  hanging colorfully in front of us. If I chose anyone, surely it was going to be rejected at the first instance. So, I kept mum.
“Don’t you know what your taste is?” she continued with her AK47.
At last, she came with two-one with long stripes and another with plain light blue color.
“WHICH...ONE  DO YOU LIKE?” Again the same nagging question! Please, go through the second paragraph above. I need not repeat the same words.
Then, in a low voice I told “The blue one.”
“ won’t suit you. You take the stripes.” Like any wife, her preference was just the opposite. But, here I know, she wants me to look younger.

Points to IELTsians:

You can use “WHAT” when there are many choices before you.
 For example, there are hundreds of shirts when my better half asked me “What do you want to choose?”
You can use “which” when there are only a few options in front of you.
There are only three flowers. Then, “Which one do you prefer?” is the correct usage.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

What is ‘Custom’ and ‘Habit’?

IELTS series-6
Beware IELTsians: 
It was a compact air-conditioned room with dim lights and cool air.
The interviewers welcomed me with artificial smiles.
“Please ...take your seat. Why are you sweating...Take some water.” The lady in the middle said in a soft tone. I could not talk. I nodded and tried to appear comfortable but in vain.
Suddenly I remembered that I did not even make the customary greetings of saying ‘Good morning’. I felt sad for me.
‘Tell me about your habits which other people don’t like?” The third man came with a salvo.
What is there to tell about my habits? Everybody in my home scold me for continuously watching television or reading novels, even when there is an examination next day.
“...I do not have any such habit that people criticize about.” This unexpected sudden spurt of a lie from my mouth emboldened my posture and I felt like managing the interview satisfactorily. After all ... we, people like me, need a small first success! It is the spring board of further launch of successive wins.
“What is the relationship between habit and custom?”
I believed firmly that I was going to manage this missile too. “Yes ...sir....habits become customs. The seed is habit and the plant is custom.” First time, a smile crossed my dry lips.
It was a wonderful feeling at that time. I strongly believe that you might have also felt like that if you started confidently replying for the future-job.
At home, I tried to analyze the words ‘habit and custom’, because it is always my practice to probe things. (Effect of detective novels and films) Next time I should be clear about these things and should not manage things. Don’t you feel so?

Habit is something a person often does naturally that it is part of his personality.
EX.:Ramesh kumar bunks his college whenever a new film is released.
 Customs are practices of a certain group, sect, religion or people belonging to a certain ethnicity.
  EX.:1.Indians say ‘namasthe’ whenever they meet each other.(instead of ‘good morning’)
         2. People decorate Christmas trees with lights during Christmas Eve.

So, let us be careful in understanding ‘custom or habit’ and their usage in IELTS examination or in other examinations. Be sure. There should be no confusion! 
If you get confused, it may become your habit. Beware!

Monday, 6 January 2014


If you have not seen part-1 to 8 of IBPS-SBI  2012 questions, you need to vist previous posts in FEB 2013 to March 2013. Practice ...practice. Then you can solve even the unexpected questions.
Candidate 1:
Subject : Mechatronics
1)Tell  me about you
4)Did  you take training in  any institute
5)Application  of  engineering in  banking
6)Jewel loans and agricultural loans
7)What is CBS
8)What is IBPS  written   score

Candidate 2
Subject: ESI Employee
1)Job role in central  government
2)What are the banking services ?
3) What is CASA
4) Difference  between  private bank and public sector bank
5)What is a nationalised  bank

Candidate 3:
Subject :B –tech
1)How do you relate  electronics and communications to  banking
2)Lok sabha speaker
4)KYC norms
5)In which  bank  do you have your SB a/c
7)Other languages  known
8)DO you know Tamil
9)If you are transferred to  any other state  -will you accept it ?

Candidate 4:
Subject :Mechanical engineering
1)Tell  me about your family
2)Why not join core industries
3)What is banking
4)What is capital market
5)5 Women chairpersons of banks
6)Who is PEPSI chairman
7)What are a deliver channels for a bank

Candidate 5
Subject : Agriculture
1) What is BT ?
2) What is IRRI
3) Role of NABARD
5)Tell me about  RBI  chairman
7)What is the %  of loans for priority sector  for  foreign  banks
8)What is banking

Candidate 6:
1)You are ECE-then why banking? 
2)Money  laundering  /black money
3) What are extra curricular activities
4)United nation’s  headquarters
5)What is there  in Hague, Switzerland?
6)Banking Ombudsman
8)Banking services
9) RBI governor
10) RBI deputy governor looking after customer redressal?
11) Customer  relationship means what?
12) Do you know cooking ?

Candidate 7
1)Why  have you come to banking  after  studying environmental sciences
2) How will you manage  transfers SINCE YOU ARE MARRIED?
3) Difference between bancassurance and mutual fund

Candidate 8 in communication engineering and  media
1)about family
2)About  native place
3)First  preference  of  bank and why ?
4)Why did you shift  from  IT ?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

IELTS series-5: Difference between 'its' and it's

It is all about “Its and It’s”

 I asked my son “How is it?”  I looked at him very eagerly; even though, I knew well that he would never give me a pass mark in this test. It is all about my cooking.
He quietly replied “Do you want my reply usual it’s bland.” My excitement melted down. This is a regular ritual  between us at least once in a day. Do you know what the ingredients of my chutney are? (It’s a mix of Indian gooseberry, coconut, green chilies, ginger, pepper, coriander leaves, salt and a lot other good things.) Its taste may not be fine to him.
Yesterday I prepared our breakfast.
I followed the same ritual. His retort came fast “It’s unbearable
Puppy, our pet dog, came to my rescue wagging its tail. I gave it to her. It took away the food to its place very happily. I threw a look of pride at my son, but his eyes were brimming with a pity and he muttered “Poor Puppy...”
Let us go into “IT”
Have you noticed these sentences: 1. it’s bland; it’s a mix; it’s unbearable?
                   Here    ‘It with apostrophe‘s’ means ‘IT is’
                        It is bland. It is a mix, it is unbearable.
  Now have a look at these :        2. Its taste may not be fine; its tail, its 
              On the other hand,  ‘it’ without apostrophe‘s’ means possession like his book, his place...its tail stands for -the dog’s tail and 
                                ‘its place’ indicates -the dog’s place.
 Is it okay about 'its' and  "it’s"? 
Also I hope that this explanation is not at all so bland like my curry.

Thursday, 7 November 2013



It was 11.00 at night. After my wife told me to wait for ‘a little extra time’, I enjoyed a nap. I felt like half dreaming and half conscious in the air conditioned mall in our town.
I could hear some conversations and scattered voices. The one, which brought out of my happy dreaming, was a voice proudly saying “ 1964, I PASSED OUT OF MY COLLEGE with flying colors as a gold medalist...” He was beaming with pride at the person next to him and I looked at the victim who might have been bearing this nonstop boasting for quite a long time. He appeared resigned. He was not at all bothered about what the fellow was rattling on. But his tired eyes were searching for somebody...might be his wife. I looked at him with all kindness and pity. Let us pray that his wife and mine would appear soon from their buying spree. Now shall we discuss about: pass out?

PASSED OUT...? Is it correct? NO. It is wrong.
When you pass a course “I passed the examination” or “I GRADUATED” is completely okay.
But, don’t use ‘pass out’.

Meanwhile somebody shouted. “Oh... look at him. He passed out. Bring some water...give space and air”

I saw our nonstop boasting friend fainting. Somebody loosened his shirts. Within minutes of help he gained normal consciousness. He started again to sing his own praises, but in a feeble voice “Last year also I fainted in the same place.....” and suddenly he stopped. His wife was staring at him in anger and the newly acquainted friend was hurrying out! 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

IELTS series-3: NO to ‘ACCORDING TO ME?’

Are you going to write IELTs?
Then this is for you.
if you are interested in correcting your usage, this piece of information is going to be valuable to you!

Which one is correct?
1." According to me, IELTs is one of the easiest tests to assess our English skills." our English teacher was encouraging us in the class.
2." In my opinion, IELTs is one of the easiest tests to assess our English skills." our English teacher was encouraging us in the class.
So don't use 'ACCORDING TO' with 'ME' . Replace it with 'IN MY OPINION"

But , you can use 'According to Obama' or 'According to my teacher, IELTs test format is one of the best methods of rating our English'.
In IELTS there may be a catch in Speaking or Writing tests and we may feel quite comfortable with ‘ACCORDING TO ME’. But never use it.



My friend, a learned one, visited UK and US last month. He was looking for a bank in one of the busiest streets of the city.
He asked a good looking English man “Hello, I’m Naresh Sharma from India. Would you please, help me in locating my bank.”  The Englishman threw a suspicious look at my friend.

“Where is this ... this...this... Bank’s branch?”  My friend continued without identifying the bank’s name.
He usually forgets names when they are more than ever needed. Again there was a strange look from the other side.
My friend struggled to add more to his description “It is a REPUTED international bank. ...I often forget names. Very sorry”
Again the local man intensified his distrustful look “What? Reputed...?”
Suddenly there was a flash in Naresh’s confused eyes “Yes. Now ... I remember. It is Barclays”
“Oh...Barclays! Go around that corner. You will find it opposite to McDonalds” he went away showing the road and also tossing a question “What is the word REPUTED? Did you mean REPUTABLE?”
My friend, on his return, asked about usage of the word ‘reputed’.
I also verified. I also asked my Teacher Mrs. Grass teaching English in a reputable British Foundation.
“Yes.... in most of the countries, especially, in US and UK we make use of ‘REPUTABLE’. We don’t use ‘reputed’, though some of the Dictionaries have included this word”

Further she added “It is OK within your country. But don’t use this in International examinations like IELTS or TOFEL and other interactions abroad.”


Monday, 21 October 2013

AT or IN which to use? IELTS SERIES-1

AT or IN? Beware IELTSians

It was invariably the same answer from everybody. Now you may wonder what the question is.
It is about using IN and AT with some oft-used words.
Dr.Rakesh shared one of his research experiences with me.
He asked a school girl, a college student and a research scholar the same question as a part of his research.
“Where were you?” is Dr. Rakesh’s question to all.
The answers were: “I was in the school”, “hmmm...I was in the college” and “I was in the University” (Though, in reality they might have bunked the classes...)
Dr.Rakesh, further, went on. He asked the same to his grandson in England. His answer was “I was at the college”
I was very much interested in knowing which is right.
He told me that we have to use ‘AT’ with ‘SCHOOL, COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY and HOME’.
Correct usage: “I am at school” “He is at college doing lab-work”  “They are at university attending a seminar ”
“Now, I am at home listening to you. Am I Correct?”  I, like an expecting child, looked at him with a grin.
Yes.... You are.” Replied  Rakesh encouragingly.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Clerical interview-2013

1 What is banking?
2.What is -interference-?(engineering related)
3.What is IAS? Who conducts this exam? Who  is the collector in this district?
4.Tell me about your home town?
5.Famous people there?
6.Near by temples?
7.Do you know local language(because I am from  near by state)?
8.What are your interests? cooking!! Then what dishes?
9.What is optical fibre?
10. About family? Father's job? Places of postings? Specialty of those places??
11.Ready to work in North?
12.If you don't know local language, how will you manage rural postings?(positive reply needed)
13.Why did you study engg? Why banking?
14. Industries in native?
15. Did you take training for IBPS-exam?
16.What are the magazines you refer for exam.? Any web sites?

Candidate-2- experienced private bank employee:
1. Why did you quit your job?
2.Why should not you try for private sector again? Why public secior?
3.What did you do after resignation?
4.Job nature in private Bank?
5.Teams you handled?
6.What are the problems in CIBIL updation? How will you convince your angry customer whose name is default list even after repayment of complete loan?
7.What is the penal interest charged in your bank? Have you ever refunded it?
8.What are the languages you have known? (Checked the other language knowledge by asking questions)
9.About family and their jobs?

Candidate-3   BCA. MBA
1. Tell me about you?
3.Why Mba after graduation in computer application?
4.What team building?
5 Who is FM?
4. Budget specials (women related news)?
5.Place visited?
6.Importance of places?
7.Tell about your CM?
8.Who is Janata Dal leader?
10 Read this local news paper?( I Read it) Then they asked a question about 'Gundas Act'.
( Questions were mainly from what we had reported in Bio-data form- on our interests, subjects in graduation, experience in previous job- Atmosphere was very friendly and encouraging)

If you have not seen part-1 to 7 of IBPS-SBI  2012 questions, you need to go to previous posts inFEB 2013. Practice ...practice. Then you can solve even the unexpected questions.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013



These information is for IBPS-SBI INTERVIEWS: Prepared by Ranjithkumar, c.c ltd, Coimbatore

What is banking?
Core function of banking is taking deposits from public for the purpose of lending & Investment.
Other services are?
  1. Funds Transfer
    1. Cheque
    2. DD
    3. RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) - 2 lakhs and above for transaction.
    4. NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) - No limit, bunch settlement.

  1. Collection of Bills
  2. Lending of Lockers
  3. Selling gold coins,insurance,mutual funds
  4. Net-banking
  5. Credit card
  6. Demat a/c
  7. Purchase and selling of foreign currency
  8. Merchant Banking:

  • They act as intermediaries to moblise funds from investors to entrepreneur.
  • They co-ordinate all the requirements of IPO

  1. Regulatory clearance from SEBI, NSE, BSE.
  2. They appoint Registrar, bankers, brokers.
  3. They arrange underwriters.
  4. They prepare detail project report, prospectus, and viability report.
What is meant by Cheque?
It is a negotiable instrument. It is an order by the Account holder to bank to pay certain amount to certain person.
What is meant by DD?
           It is a banker’s chq to the branch of same bank to pay specific amount to specific person or order.
Difference between Cheque & DD
                         Cheque                       DD

  1. it is issued by the Account Holder
  2. it may bounce back if funds are insufficient in Account

  1. it is issued by the banker
  2. DD does not bounce because customer pays the value of dd in advance.

CTS (Cheque Truncation System)
Instead of sending physical form, the electronic replica form is sent to the clearing house
Crossing of Cheque
   When two lines are crossed on left hand side top-corner of a Cheque, it cannot be encashed over the needs to routed through an account..

A/c payee crossed chq
  It should be credited to payee's account only.

What are the things shown in chq?
  • Date
  • To whom should be paid
  • Amount in numbers and words
  • IFSC & MICR Code
  • Time period (it is valid for 3 Months)
  • Chq no
  • Space for Customer Signature
Types of Deposits a/c
1) Demand Deposits
      a) Saving a/c
      b) Current a/c
Savings a/c
Current a/c

  1. SB a/c can be opened by individuals individually, jointly and non-profit organizations like NGOs, Govt. departments and trusts etc..
  2. Interest paid.
  3. Number of transaction limited.

  1. Current Account can be opened for business purpose.
  2. No interest paid.
  3. Number of transactions not limited.
2) Term deposits
It has fixed maturity period, higher interest is RD, Fixed Deposit
Priority sector loans (40% of Total Advances)
  • Agriculture
  • MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Small Scale Business
  • Transport sector loans
  • Self help group
  • SC, ST loans
  • Govt. scheme lending
  • Education loan
  • Home loan
Non-Priority Sectors
    Large industrial loans, large business loans, corporate loans. e.g. Personal loan.
Types of Loans
  • Working Capital Loan-ex: OCC,KCC AND OVERDRAFTS
  • Term Loan:   EX: HOME LOANS
What is CBS?
CBS is Core Banking System. A branch customer becomes the bank customer. All the branches of a bank connected to each other through central server.
What is RBI?
RBI is Reserve Bank of India.
Functions of RBI?
  • Its Bankers’ Bank
  • Banker to the Govt. of India
  • Control the Banking system and credit
  • Execute monetary policy
  • Manages the foreign reserves
  • Issues currency
Credit Policy ( Always go to RBI official web site to know about the present rates.)
  • CRR CRR is Cash Reserve Ratio. ALL BANKS in India should maintain 4% of their total deposits in RBI in the form of cash
  • SLR
SLR is Statutory Liquidity Ratio. Banks in India should maintain 23% of their total deposits in RBI in the form of bonds, gold & cash.
  • Repo Rate
It is a lending rate of RBI. It is now 7.75%. (The rate is applied for LAF-Liqidity Adjustment Fund, which banks use for their day to day shortage)
  • Reverse Repo Rate
It is a deposit interest rate of RBI. It is now 7.75%.
Bank rate :8.75% ( Banks avail this facility against their outstanding of bills receivable)
What is Inflation?

decrease in

Currency values and 

increase in

Prices level is called inflation.
How Inflation is Controlled by RBI?
  • When ever inflation goes up, RBI intervenes to control the money supply.
  • They raise Repo Rate. They may raise CRR & SLR
  • When ever Repo,CRR & SLR are raised, banks also raise the Interest rates.
  • When ever bank raises the interest rates, people avoid taking loans from banks. So automatically money supply comes down & inflation also goes down.
What is SHG?
SHG is Self Help Group. It’s an association of 10 to 20 members. The purpose of self help groups are
  1. Women empowerment 2,
    Eradication of poverty
  2. THEY save among them selves and lend among them selves. After six month they can borrow money from Banks; Govt.  also gives subsidy.
Banking Ombudsman
He is the representative of RBI. He is appointed by RBI for the sole purpose of redressal of complaints.
Financial Inclusion
It is a scheme to bring all the people especially urban poor,village poor & BPL (Below Poverty Line) into the banking stream, public sector banks are asked to go to the door steps of these people to open a account with minimum KYC norms.

Saturday, 16 February 2013



If you are not attending bank(India) interviews, you 

need not read this.  SKIP THIS PAGE and Go to part -17 of how to 

face interview-behavioral interview, which is below.

Please read part 1,2 ,3,4,5 &6.( All questions relate to 2012 interviews) before reading this part-7

The interview is reported as presented by the candidate except the change in name:VIN.This may help you have a boost of confidence , even if you do not know English.We also salute this candidate's efforts.Read this to understand why we should appreciate him.

I am entered in Interview hall there three men’s and one lady sit like….

                                    I am sit here
VIN    : Good evening Sir’s and good evening madam !
SBI-1   : Your father agriculture labor ah! (To view my Bio data)          
VIN    : Yes! Sir
SBI      : Tell Me about your family
VIN     : My father is ......... agri labour among coconut buz  and My mother is  house wife ,also my brother name Mohan he studying           
VIN     : Sir , I like to convey one information to all sir , I am from tamil mediam and I am not fluent in English ,
SBI-     : If u want ! To speak tamil No problem !
VIN     : No ! Sir I like answer every in English ! Because this is my first interview ,this is an opportunity for me to broken my weakness !
SBI      : who’s your favorite cricketer? ( while my hobby is Cricket )
ME     : Tendulkar
SBI      : What is his serial number (T-Shirt Back side Number )
ME   : Hmmm! Sir I can’t remember this time Sorry ! (With smile )
SBI      : it’s ok , who’s got a badma bushan award in resent cricket
me     : I think Raghul Dravid !
SBI      : Only one  ?
me     : Susilkumar !
SBI      : Tell me one lady name for got it in sports
me     : (Silence ) Smile !
SBI      : Ok tell me about Olymbic 2012
me     : Its conduct on Londan ! India got 6 medals ! Susilkumar is a flag bearer !
SBI      : Any lady got it
Ram     : Ya sure sir ! Merry com and Shaina Negval  , ( I rembered Merry Com Got Padma bhusan awrd ) So tell it
me     : Sir u understand my English !
SBI      :Ya ! Tell me about banking !
me     : Banks to take the money from public for deposit and lending to public.
  SBI  :   Tell me about RBI?
Me:       RBI regulates and controls all banks ! RBI issues money , RBI Control                            Inflation through Credit   policy like CRR,SLR, Repo rate ,
 SBI: Types of bank?
  ME:  two types one is Commercial Bank another one is Development bank
Commercial banks are two types one is schedule and non schedule
Development banks like nonprofit  oriented like Nabard , EXIM bank
SBI      : About Nabard
me     : Purpose of nabard   is to develop of Agri poor people’s and rural development
me     : Can I tell one example sir ! ( SBI : ok) If former wants a tractor he go commercial bank and Nabard recommend with subsidiary 
me     : Sir! Its right sir
SBI      : You got some idea!
SBI      : What is EXIM BANK?
me     : I think this bank give loan for import and export
SBI -2  (2nd person ) : What is financial inclusion?
me     : Banks move to poor people who are not have bank a/c ,bank  to give no frill account
            Purpose of poor people development and gov! Scheme through Bank A/C
SBI      : Wat is direct transfer
me     : Sir ! (Silence ) I know only cheque ,RTGS ,NEFT transfer only
SBI      : Tell me about these things !
me    : Cheque is a instrument A/C  holder  to order to pay the payee
SBI      :  Wat is new in cheque ?
me    : Sir ! Digital Signed ! like Cheque Trankesation system
SBI      : Ok who is the president of india !
me     : Pranab Mukarji sir
SBI      : In previous he is wat
 me      : Finance Minister
SBI      : In two days before FM about something in TN ?
me       : I can’t sir because I am not read in news paper for two days in our villiage not avail newspaper
SBI      : Rebublic day Chef gust !
me     : Budan King Name : (Mispelt am Say some thing like =  Chang ,Swang )
SBI      : With smile ! How do prepare your exam
me     : Through Online like Allbanking solution and Joshjargon ,
            Monthly Megacine like Banking cronical
SBI – 3 ( Lady ) : You must speak in tamil only for this question
me   : Sollunga medam !
SBI      : what are the qualities of leader ship !
me     : Desipline , Time mgt , Team Co ordination ,
me     : is it currect madam with smile
SBI      : OK
SBI      : Ninga en intha work vanthinga ?
me     : MAm ! Nan college mudunjathum entha field la work polamnu yosichen !
            Then I choose Banking en Na ! Nan padichathu BBM ….enaku Konjam Mgt skill and Planning and Marketting and oru paper banking pathi padichiruken !
            Athum illama intha field la Job secured , Enough salary ! Appuram enga village le Bank job na GETH nu sonnan
SBI      : All smile and intract with them selve’s
SBI-1  : Mr.Vin.... I  really appreciate you ! becoz your effort to English
And they guide me how to improve fluency and so they recommend to coaching class for English
SBI lady : Ok ivaruku finish pannirulama ?
SBI -1  : Hmmm !
me     : Shell I go sir!

Story Over  ! ……………………………
 friends, I got through interview! And watchman also encarage me ( Vaanga thambi ungaluku kandipa job kidaikum )
I am Happy ……
Suppose written test la mark kammi analum ! if I loss this job , I don’t feel !.............